Rave Mobility - Emergency Contact

How Will You Know If There Is An Emergency on Campus?

Lenoir-Rhyne takes the safety of our students, faculty and staff very seriously. When there is an emergency on campus, we make every effort to inform all those affected so they can take appropriate action. Lenoir-Rhyne contracted services with Rave Mobility, a company that specializes in quickly disseminating emergency information to cell phones and land lines. In order to take advantage of this service, students, faculty and staff need to complete the appropriate form below. Once this information is submitted, it is added to the Rave Mobility database.

Hopefully, the University will never need to utilize this service, but if we have a true emergency, we would like to be able to inform you as quickly as possible. Please take a few minutes to help take responsibility for your safety and complete one of the forms below.

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Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 828-328-7247 OR Campus Security at 828-328-7145.


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