Graduate Student Organization

The purpose of Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is to cultivate a graduate student presence and culture on campus. This includes representing graduate students on relevant and appropriate University advisory boards and panels as well as being a sounding board for the graduate student population’s concerns and issues.

GSO Executive Board

A general board representative of diverse communities of graduate students (i.e., majors & demographics) rather than a group of elected officers will serve and will vote on GSO business. No one board member will hold office rather each board member will have equal representation with equal vote. Executive Board members will serve for one academic term and will either self-nominate or be nominated by faculty program directors.


2013-2014 Executive Board Members

Amber Douglas – MPH

Deondra Newell – MPH

Darin Moore - AT

Stephanie Owen – AT

Heidi Germano – COU (Asheville)

Ee Yang – BUS

Zach Newmann – BUS

Chloe Lillard – OT

Amanda Mitchell – OT





Research Funding and Professional Travel Reimbursement

All currently enrolled graduate students are eligible to apply for reimbursement for research and professional travel.  Request for reimbursement will be voted upon twice per year: October 15 and March 15.  The GSO executive board will meet during these months to vote on the distribution of funds based upon need, other funding and equitable distribution across all programs.  Funds are limited; consequently, very specific proposals with modest and tightly-constructed budgets are preferred; it will be rare for any single project or individual student to receive support greater than $300 in a budget year. Reimbursement maybe granted for research, travel expenses, and registration fees for conferences / workshops. Download the two files below, fill them out and send to Dr. Randy Bergman at   


Please contact Dr. Randy Bergman if you have questions about the Graduate Student Organization.


Application for Reimbursement PDF

Expense Reimbursement Excel File


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